Duval-Leroy Paris Cuvee Champagne Brut, NV

Duval-Leroy Paris Cuvee

Duval-Leroy Paris Cuvee

This wonderfully presented wine first catches the eye of a star crossed lover due to the gorgeous blue bottle which is covered in a scene from Paris in Gold as hand painted by American Artist, Le Roy Neiman. They beauty only begins there for Duval-Leroy, the oldest champagne house of France; once the cork is popped one immediately is captivated by the aromas of honey suckle, apricot, and hazelnut exploding out of the bottle. As this most exotic of champagnes is poured into the glass the effervescence turns the straw colored potion of romance into a wonderful golden hue from which aromas continue to explode and captivate the imagination and palate. Upon the tongue one will find this to be among the smoothest richest champagnes that combust upon the taste buds with peaches, apricots and a hint of nutmeg extinguished with a long velvety finish that begs for another glass!

As with many Sparkling wines, this phenomenal Champagne is the perfect aperitif to entice the gastric juices and cleanse the palate for any meal; if in a romantic setting, it pairs perfectly with bitter chocolate and strawberries, or orange zest dipped in dark chocolates. Above all else, this classic Champagne begs to be followed with a kiss from the love of your life.


1 Response to “Duval-Leroy Paris Cuvee Champagne Brut, NV”

  1. 1 Christopher
    February 27, 2011 at 9:59 pm

    This product is no longer being produced by Duval-Leroy. It was produced as a special anniversary cuvee. If you’re interested in this product check out the other offerings from Duval-Leroy!

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