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Closeout Special – Frank Family Carneros Reserve Chardonnay – save $16

Frank Family Vineyard’s 2006 Carneros Chardonnay is provocative and distinctive; it leads with aromas of kumquat zest, heirloom apple, white peachand orange flesh melon. These vibrant aromas are accented by the cardamom and cinnamon spice as well as flora aromas of honeysuckle, marigold and orange blossom. The palate is soft, fresh and lengthy; loaded with citrus, stone fruit, and Bosc pear with the palate gaining creaminess that moves toward lemon curd, pink apple crumble, and poached pear custard, while hints of smoky bourbon, vanilla bean and fresh baked breads are intermingled throughout.

List Price: $44.99

Our Price: $41.99

Sale Price: $28.99

You Save $16.00!!


Chardonnay exploration tasting class – Friday, May 1st at 5:30

In today’s world, we look for crisp clean white wine without regard to the weight and depth of flavor. Among the most complex of white wines we find the chardonnay. Chardonnay has managed to remain among the top varietals for generations; it may lose favor for a period of time, but always returns to the market place with a vengeance. The chardonnay has the ability to come across as light as mineral water, or mask green apples with heavy cream; butter and pineapple followed with bananas; or simply produce the effect of pineapples and limes on the tongue. The biggest secret to a good chardonnay is to put the fruit into the hands of a master vintner and watch the magic transform the juice into a delightful work of art.

This evening our tasting tour will take us on a  journey through these flavor profiles and beyond – with 2 parallel trips through the price points of chardonnay and through a few regions of the world as well. Our hope is that this classic grape shows it’s ability to be the vixen that captures the heart and the palate. Chardonnay when properly chosen for its intended use will sip as fantastically as one can imagine, or if the right one is plucked from the shelf it can equally hold up to any food combination one can dare to throw in its direction.

Come, sip, enjoy and cherish the comfort of good wines and good friends!

$15 advance purchase – $20 at the door

Call 828-414-9111 to reserve your spot.


You’d think that with a great announcement like this that they’d have at least updated their blog

Certainly congratulations is in order for their committment to the environment, but as for marketing?  Someone sure let them down there

Sterling Vineyards Is Certifiably Green

Napa Green Certified Winery Status Awarded to Sterling Vineyards

CALISTOGA, Calif., April 22 /PRNewswire/ — Sterling Vineyards is proud to announce that its landmark winery has been certified a Napa Valley Green Winery.

“Becoming a certified Napa Valley Green Winery underscores our long-standing commitment to preserving our unique Napa environment,” said Michael Westrick, Vice President of Winemaking for Sterling Vineyards. “This is yet another step in our overall commitment to increase our conservation efforts, whether through the launch of Sterling Vineyards Made with Organic Grapes, our membership in the global movement 1% For The Planet or the conversion of the legendary Sterling tram to solar energy.”

Founded in 2007, Napa Green Certified Winery was developed by the Napa Valley Vintners in coordination with the Napa County Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and is based on the Association of Bay Area Government’s (ABAG) Green Business Program as a model due to its consistent, credible and recognized program with a long track record. ABAG’s winery-specific checklist was updated and adopted as the certification method for Napa Green Certified Winery because it puts all the regulatory pieces into a comprehensive format that goes beyond compliance. The checklist includes water conservation, energy conservation, pollution prevention, and solid waste reduction elements.


Blind Wine Tasting – Friday, April 24th at 5:30

Blind Wine Tasting – How good is your palate? tasting_bags1

We’re pouring several reds and whites – can you tell what they are when you rely on your tongue and nose? Come find out, special prize for the winning ticket.

$15 – $9 with student ID

Call 828-414-9111 to reserve your spot.


DrVino posts an interesting article on carbon footprint of wine

Basically it outlines how transporting wine on a ship has a lower carbon footprint than shipping it in a truck.

National Geographic has produced an excellent graphic in the May issue about wine’s carbon footprint (unfortunately, no link is yet available but the magazine is arriving in mailboxes and newsstands now). Pablo Paster and I provided the numbers for them based on our joint research on the subject.

We previously discussed the “green line” for wine and how it is more carbon efficient for a New Yorker to raise a glass of Bordeaux rather than a glass of California wine. Well, New Yorkers can now also raise a glass of Australian wine to achieve the same result: holding production method and bottle weight constant, the efficiencies of container shipping from a CO2e standpoint are such that a bottle of wine from Sydney arriving in New York City has a less than a quarter of the carbon emissions as one from California, which had a long journey by less efficient truck.

Much more at this link but I sure wish there was a better way to do a comparison about shipping by train since it seems like we may be finally focusing more on train transport in this country.

And where is the info on packaging and how does that stack up as well? How much good does it do if we find a sustainable practice in one area, but it’s being totally offset by something else?


Cabernet Franc, Merlot, & Grenache Wine Tasting Friday @ 5:30

Cabernet Franc, Merlot, & Grenache

April 10, 2009; 5:30pm

This evening, we will take a journey with three good friends and splash them around our glass as a straight varietal, and as blended.

All three varietals have their tried and tested fan base, but tend to have equal numbers of detractors.

This is an opportunity to try each as they present by themselves and how they dance with other grapes as well.

We revel in the opportunity to have you decide for yourself how you prefer your juice served, straight up or blended!

$15 with reservations, $20 at door – $9 with Student ID


Close Out Special – Domaine de la Bastide de Michel Olivier Cuvee Clementine – Save $13.04

This red wine of deep color and a nose of black fruit, blueberry and raspberry has a great freshness despite its intensity in the mouth. The wine is marked by round and soft tannins of extreme finesse. This is a great wine to be enjoyed now, however it can also be cellared for several years. Decanting shortly before serving will be beneficial.
85% Syrah, 15% Grenache

The Domaine is located in the heart of the Luberon region in the village of Cadenet, at the frontier of Provence. The vineyards have a southern exposition, all on the gentle slopes of the Mont Sainte Victoire so often painted by the French painter Cézanne. It is comprised of 80 % Syrah and 20 % Grenache, primarily older vines (20+ years). The soils are mainly sandy and clay which produces a very fine wine.

The wine, aged for 14 months in half barrels from France, is expected to reach its peak within the next three years, and will keep for the next 15 years.

Winemaker Michel Olivier is a true lover of the Provence and whose wines have secured the Côtes du Luberon AOC a place amongst the greatest growths that make France so proud.  Sustainable Farming

List Price: $26.99

Our Price: $23.99

Sale Price: $13.95

You Save $13.04!


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