DrVino posts an interesting article on carbon footprint of wine

Basically it outlines how transporting wine on a ship has a lower carbon footprint than shipping it in a truck.

National Geographic has produced an excellent graphic in the May issue about wine’s carbon footprint (unfortunately, no link is yet available but the magazine is arriving in mailboxes and newsstands now). Pablo Paster and I provided the numbers for them based on our joint research on the subject.

We previously discussed the “green line” for wine and how it is more carbon efficient for a New Yorker to raise a glass of Bordeaux rather than a glass of California wine. Well, New Yorkers can now also raise a glass of Australian wine to achieve the same result: holding production method and bottle weight constant, the efficiencies of container shipping from a CO2e standpoint are such that a bottle of wine from Sydney arriving in New York City has a less than a quarter of the carbon emissions as one from California, which had a long journey by less efficient truck.

Much more at this link but I sure wish there was a better way to do a comparison about shipping by train since it seems like we may be finally focusing more on train transport in this country.

And where is the info on packaging and how does that stack up as well? How much good does it do if we find a sustainable practice in one area, but it’s being totally offset by something else?


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