Free Case Shipping in June –

We’re not quite in our busy season yet, so it seems like a good time to test a few different marketing concepts and offers I’ve had in mind before the Village explodes with people and I’m so busy that I’m asking people what day of the week it is (we do a set menu at the B&B during the peak season – it becomes a simple calendar for me – if I served Raspberry Blintz Souffle yesterday, then I know it’s Monday and time for Aritichoke Frittatas)  It’s tough to tell sometimes when all your days can look so much alike without the normal breaks most people are used to.

So I decided to test out some various shipping offers over the next few weeks – for the next 2 weeks, any 12 bottles ordered together will ship for free – sometime over that time I’ll finalize how to set up the system to do a discounted shipping vs free so that I can track the results. Nothing required on anyone’s part – they simply put 12 bottles in their shopping cart and the system will automatically default to the Free Shipping option.

So yes, I started with the easiest one to set up ;).  While I do love the program we run the online store on and the day to day stuff is painfully easy – there are so many options available that when making a big change in how it operates that you dont do on a daily basis, there’s lots of referencing back to the manual and testing the results (usually while the store is up and running – one of these days some lucky soul is going be buying at some magic moment when I’ve somehow configured something that has me paying them for the wine purchase instead of vice versa)

So have some fun, mix and match if you wish – summertime is upon us and it’s a good time to stock up.


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