Pairing Wine with Salads – Perfect for this time of year

Outstandingly simple, well written – we should all be as adventurous

Pairing wine with salads | Atlanta | Restaurants & Bars | Corkscrew

The snooty side of food pairings preaches “no wine with salad.” I fed on this falsehood for years, following the widely-held mantra like an evangelical wino. Then one day a miraculous salad and vino combo made me rethink my reliance on traditional not-so-wisdom.

Not that I was always so cool and contrarian. Before my re-awakening, I lapped up all the drivel wine magazines and writers spit out. But, like a rebellious teenager, I slowly realized it wasn’t adding up. Salads are simply another dish with sauce slathered on it. Match the sauce with the wine and you win. To give tradition some credit, back in the day salad dressings mostly contained robust vinegars like distilled white or cider that rendered wine lifeless and dull; it made sense to teach wine-with-salad avoidance. Times have changed, however. Now that less acidic rice or sweeter balsamic vinegars and lime and lemon use are common, wine and dressing can snuggle up and make sweet, tart love.


1 Response to “Pairing Wine with Salads – Perfect for this time of year”

  1. August 12, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Pairing wines with salads can give a different perspective in the pairing process. A mild Pinot or even a deep red such as a Barbera can take the vinaigrette salad dressing up a notch and compliment one another. Great post! It is nice to see someone working outside of traditional methods.

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