Spruce Goose Pinot Noir – from the Wine Virgin

Spruce Goose Pinot Noir was definitely one of the most interesting wines of the night. Overall, I would say Pinot Noir is a good introduction to red wines, mainly because it is a sweeter, less dry, wine that people can test their palettes out with. However, Spruce Goose did not have quite the subtleness that the previous ones have had.

This wine had the best smell – it smelled a bit of grass with a hint of fruit. It was a very earthy smell. Holly, who I mentioned before, said it smelled and had the vague taste of a mushroom. I could possibly understand this from the earthy/grassy smell. However, much like fruit, I don’t eat mushrooms so this connection was missed by me. On the other hand, I did a little research on Pinot Noirs a bit online, and a mushroom flavor is not quite uncommon.

I had never really tasted a wine quite like this one. The earthy taste and smell was really intriguing to me and was a nice difference compared to the previous three. Also, the color was a lot browner that the others. This obviously agreed with the flavor. Interesting and different wines are always exciting to try, so I’m glad that this was a pick of the night.


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