Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc – from the wine virgin

Ken Forrester’s Chenin Blanc is a wine that was tasted Friday night, but was not the first time I had the opportunity to try it. I already knew what to expect because after trying this wine the first time, I decided to purchase a bottle for myself. So needless to say, I am a fan of this wine. But let me tell you why.

The smell is a very concentrated citrus, sweet smell with a small, yet bold, hint of a dark berry, possibly a raspberry. The smell of a peach is also somewhat evident. It s a very good blend of smells, and the smells are enhanced in the taste. This wine is a little acidic, but I think the complexity of the flavors make it very enjoyable.

It was paired with the chocolate shrimp and grits. I believe the wine brought out the orange zest of the shrimp – again, I was not a fan of this. So I would have to say I like this wine on its own, but with the right food, it could be enhanced even more. When discussing this wine, the idea of eating fruits with wine was brought up. This was said to be an incredibly bad combination because of all the acids. I never really contemplated this, but does make sense. I thought it was an interesting fact to learn.


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