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napa cellars zinfandel – from the wine virgin

Napa Cellars Zinfandel is from the winery that made one of the most delicious Syrah’s from the previous event. So needless to say, I was very interested and excited to see what the Zinfandel tasted like. I definitely feel like this wine lived up to my expectations.

One interesting aspect was that the smell was bold, but it wasn’t as bold as the taste. The smell was a bold, yet concentrated smell of pepper and dark berry. The taste was also very bold, but exploded a bit more than the scent. It didn’t seem nearly as concentrated.

Napa Cellars Zinfandel was very tasty on its own, but it was very interesting to see how food made the degree of flavors vary. The salsa brought out the sweet peppery taste, the wasabi almonds also made it sweeter, and the peanuts brought out dryness. Overall, the wine was very complex but balanced in flavor. So far, Napa Cellars has had some fantastic wines.


US wine drinkers file lawsuit over fake Pinot Noir

Makes me really glad we only deal in small production wines where we generally know the people or their representatives pretty well. 

US wine drinkers file lawsuit over fake Pinot Noir – Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A California lawyer has filed a class action lawsuit against French wine producers and a US importer over the sale of millions of bottles of wine falsely passed off as Pinot Noir.

US wine drinkers file lawsuit over fake Pinot Noir A class action complaint has been filed seeking to represent all California consumers who purchased falsely labeled wine,” said Brian Levine, an attorney with California law firm Kingsley and Kingsley.

The complaint accuses the defendants of “false advertising, unfair business practices, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, (and)… unjust enrichment.”  The lawsuit does not specify the amount of damages being sought.

The filing comes after a French court handed down suspended jail terms and hefty fines to 12 people for selling 18 million bottles (135,334 hectoliters) of wine presented as Pinot Noir that was in fact made from far cheaper grape varieties.

Those convicted included executives from wine estates, cooperatives, a broker, wine merchant Ducasse and the conglomerate Sieur d’Arques.

The mislabeled wine was sold in the United States under E & J Gallo’s popular “Red Bicyclette” Pinot Noir label, which in 2006 was marketed as having “aromas of dark fruit flavors” and whose palate was said to be like “black cherry and ripe plum.”

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