Another debate on corks vs screw caps – where do you stand?

I’ve always been more on the side that screw caps are probably better as far as consistently sealing up the wine – but that tableside service with a cork was always going to have a bit more flair over the screw cap.

One of the best marketing gimmicks I ever saw was a winery (I can’t remember the name now) that was switching over to screw caps – but tied a cork to the top of the bottle with a note “For those of you who have to have a cork with your wine” – you can imagine which bottle out of hundreds on the shelf stood out the most and it was humorous as well.

French winelovers fight to cork their bottles – Telegraph

Debate has been raging for years over whether the familiar sound of popping corks should be ditched in favour of alternatives that reduce the risk of a “corked” wine.

Cork stoppers have been used for centuries, but their dominance has gradually dropped from 95 per cent of the world wine bottle market to 70 per cent over the past 15 years.

But France’s cork federation has hit back at those who say the spongy bark has had its day with a poll suggesting that almost nine out of ten French people prefer the traditional stopper.

They are using the figure to spearhead a massive poster campaign featuring wine and champagne bottles with bizarre alternative stoppers – from a perfume spray top to a plastic duck – with the slogan: “Always imitated, never equalled”

So what’s your preference?  And why?


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