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Friday: Premium Wine Tasting!

When we hear the term premium, we tend to think exceptional quality and vitality. Premium Wines should always fit that bill as they should be juice sourced from the best vineyards into the hands of the best wine makers to execute an art form that transcends science. Premium Wines should dance on the tongue and cause your eyes to roll around din the back of your head doing the “happy dance”.

This Friday,  the Carolina Wine Academy is proud to present a dynamic flight of premium wines at Christopher’s Wine and Cheese. The anticipated flight menu at this time includes Tyrus Evan’s Syrah, Robert Craig’s Chardonnay, Rubicon’s Cabernet Franc,  Hank McCrorie’s Burly Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Shadow’s “Pedestal”, Livingston Moffett’s “Gemtree” and Gilliard’s Fendant “les Murettess”.

Quite an impressive lot of wine, but it can only be fully enjoyed when surrounded by friends and laughter. We hope you can come out and let us entice your taste buds and share  the bounty of this premium wine tasting with you.


And to the future…

We survived Sunset Stroll last night. Anyone that missed it missed a great block party! We had tons of folks come by and visit with us and the artists admiring the works created from their minds as well as the art of the juice. A perfect mid-summer night’s dream for us!

Now we’re bracing ourselves for next weekend. Blowing Rock is hosting the “Symphony of the Mountains” by the lake at Chetola. Our role is very simple, to find some of the best picnic items for you to take with you to the lake for the evening. We have stocked up on cheeses that are hardy enough to stand up to the event, Lamb Chopper from Cypress Grove is a HUGE sheep’s milk cheese that is reminiscent of a perfectly aged gouda,  Chocolate Stout Cheddar is a light and refreshing cheddar perfect for a summertime picnic by the lake, and there is always piave, the perfect cheese for a wine lover!

As for the wines we’re featuring for the event… a French Muscadet (Petite M)  that is crisp, dry, and refreshing poinsed against any of the Pinot Noir we carry to make a perfectly balanced basket! Blouberg is a light refreshing blend of white grapes from South Africa and I personally think a lightly chilled Malbec is wonderful with cheese and salami.

So, start now at this very moment and plan to be up here in Blowing Rock next Friday afternoon (July 23) to enjoy one of the biggest, bestest, most bad ass events our town has to offer. And as always, come by and say hello… we always like meeting wonderful people when they’re in our little village! As we enjoy the day, the Music and the juice in our glasses, we’ll be certain to lift a glass to salute you – our most prized friends.


Sunset Stroll- drinking your way through great art!

Tonight is the July Sunset Stroll and Christopher’s Wine & Cheese is thrilled to have some new artists hanging on the walls! World renowned artist Janet Montgomery has long been a friend of ours and she agreed to place a few pieces of her treasures on our walls. Janet is best known for her oil on canvass work, but recently was at Penland across the way and is sharing some encaustic pieces she developed while there as well. With the character and depth of her oils and encaustic works, I recommend you come sooner than later to see Janet’s work as I”m most certain many of the pieces will find new homes this weekend.

We also have abstracts being presented by Jay Winston. Jay has put a collection of his works together for the Nature Conservancy as one of their fundraisers. He will have art in the shop through September 25, 2010 at which time there will be an auction to sell the remaining pieces with proceeds going directly to the Nature Conservancy.

Tonight during Sunset Stroll, we will host both Janet and Jay in the shop for you to meet and engage while enjoying wines from around the world including X-arelo (Spain), Muscadet (France), Pinot Noir(Oregon), and Gamay (France) wines. As always, we love blending the art from the minds of gifted people whether they paint or ferment… it’s art for us to enjoy together; come and share!


American Made- The Red, White and Blue Experience…

This Friday, 02 July 2010 Christopher’s Wine & Cheese is pleased to announce the Carolina Wine Academy presentation of American Made Wines in celebration of July 4th!

We will begin with an Pinot Gris out of Willamette Valley, and move over to a Sauvignon Blanc from Napa for the white wines. The reds will be Red Zinfandel, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and Red Blended wine. The blue is distinctly American and North Carolinian, we’ll try a dry blueberry wine paired with a crisp sorbet made from wine as well!

Come join us as we set fireworks off on our flavor profiles to kick off the holiday and summer together.

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