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Bodega Sur de Los Andes Malbecs

Bodega Sur de Los Andes does two different Malbecs. The first Malbec was in a blue label and described as their standard Malbec. 100% Malolactic Fermentation in Stainless Steel with minimal oak exposure and young vintage placement in the market keeping the price lower than older, reserved wines. This wine had a deep purple-ruby color with nice fruity aromas of  plum, black currants, and black berries. It was very smooth, light  and almost creamy in the mouth.

The second Bodega Sur de Los Andes Malbec was in a red label and was their Resera Malbec. The reserva was also 100% malolactic fermentation, but aged an additional year in french oak barrels. The reserva was a much, much bigger wine and very enjoyable. It had a lot of aromas exploding out of the glass as it was poured with black plums making the biggest fruit aroma of them all, but you could also smell the oak like a spiciness as it was being poured… sort of a vanilla and oregano blend. Unusual aroma, but very comforting to the nose as well. When we tasted this wine the same fruits were tasted as the standard, but very much bigger tasting fruits! The creaminess and fruits were amplified and the french oaking gave this reserve malbec a nice balance with a creamy vanilla flavor and lots of spiciness. This was a wonderful combination with the piave cheese and spicy salsa being served with it.


A blind tasting of Malbec Wines

Malbec has risen in popularity as a wine through the past several years to the point that everyone is hypnotized by it’s rich glamor and intrigued by it’s quiet mystery.


Malbec is a french varietal that most commonly is associated with Argentina’s wine industry. We will try several Malbec Wines in a blind tasting Friday Night at Christopher’s Wine & Cheese. There will be soft supple Malbec, rich eep luscious Malbec and even a French Malbec for you to sample your way thourgh. Come cherish the joys of the grape and explore how the different Malbecs feel and taste in your mouth!




Choosing a wine…

One of the difficulties of working with wine on a daily basis is to prevent becoming a wine snob. Every day I hear people come in seeking advice and help with a wine-food pairing, or a hostess gift professing to be ignorant about wine and not a connoisseur of wines. I quickly try to correct them and put them at ease by reminding them a connoisseur is nothing more than one with a love of or taste for fine wines.

Reality dictates they are afraid of wine, the vast selections available, and most significantly they that they have had bad experiences with people they view as a “wine expert” or “wine connoisseur” (often self-professed). The other part of reality being they know the right answers to find what they are looking, they are just uncertain of the right questions.

The basic questions to answer when selecting a wine are:

1)      Red or White?

2)      Drier or sweeter? /  Softer or bolder?

3)      Will you/they be drinking the wine with food, or by itself?

4)      What are some of your/their favorite types of wine?

5)      What price point would you like to stay beneath?

Given those few simple questions, most small wine shop owners and staff should be capable f helping you select  a wine that you will be proud to present to the biggest wine snobs among your friends.


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