Celebrating Life with Wine….

Life is too short; it’s intended to be lived in the moment with revelers celebrating as they go through it together. Too many people tend to dread the day, the moment and forget to live in spite of their survival. Wine is one of the things we use in our home as a daily reminder of the value we have in our life and in each other.

Being in the wine shop each day affords me an opportunity to help people in the daily celebration of their life and the opportunities they have therein. Helping them pair a wine with the dinner they’re going to share and make a memory over. More special are the occasions that people come to the shop to share a tasting flight of wine with me as well as share news of celebrations in their lives. One of the Freshmen Senators for North Carolina came by while in town with his lovely wife and shared the news of his election over a flight of wine recently; yesterday a young man brought a lovely young lady in and shared in a tasting flight and had me pause between the white wines and red wines to propose to her… he couldn’t wait for dinner to ask! Just before the holidays, we had a couple come in to do a flight and the lady refused to partake of the samples; choosing that moment to tell her husband that she was pregnant- they had been attempting to bear children for some time as it turns out.

My point being, wine is a part life’s celebration. Whether it’s a momentous occasion, or simply celebrating the survival of another day, we are creatures of spirit, intended to live and celebrate. While I do hope you’ll buy (at least some of) your wine from me, I think it’s far more important you find someone to help you celebrate with your wine and that you always revel in the moment and not forget to live as well as survive!

Cheers and peace to everyone as we go forward in this New Year (2011) and celebrate life everyday!

-Christopher (of a small Wine and Cheese Shop)


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