Hana Awaka Sparkling Sake

Hana Awaka

Hana Awaka

When we began working on the concept of a small boutique wine & cheese shop several years ago, we thought we knew a little bit about wine and how to choose quality products. We’ve learned a ton since then.

One of the biggest learning curves for us was the arena of Sake! The only sake I had ever experienced was at an oriental restaurant where it came to the table warm to hot for service. Needless to say it tasted like goat pee smells and I instantly dismissed it as something I didn’t like. Once we got Christopher’s Wine & Cheese going, I had a couple of different distribution companies that showcased sakes in their trade shows. I was rather apprehensive as you can imagine, but they were persistent that I must give their sakes a swirl… and I thankfully submitted to that request. I found that most of the sake I was being exposed to was being served chilled to ice cold- quite a contrast!

The flavors and aromas were mild, but substantial with a clean crisp mouth feel. I found that I could enjoy sake after all. Once again, I had to but my biases from bad experiences behind me and begin a journey into the world of sake anew and fresh. I finally stumbled across what has become our little shops most popular sake – Hana Awaka.

Hana Awaka is a rather sweet sparkling sake; Japan’s Answer to France and their Champagne Region. It’s technical classification as best as I can understand is a sparkling Hyogo Prefecture with floral fruitiness that is lifted and lightened by the carbonation.

For those who are just venturing into the world of wine, Hana Awaka is a great intro to bubbles. For the rest of us out there, it’s a delightful after dinner beverage that is unique and fun, paired against a ginger-orange creme brulee Dessert becomes rather exciting!


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