Getting racy with this naughty deal!

Naughty Racy

Naughty Racy

I stood there looking at the label of this wine, dreading having to taste anything with such a cutesy label. The dread was swelling up like the pride of expectant parents on the way to the hospital for the birth of their first child. Even worse, the man pouring this wine was none other than Steve Reynolds, an icon in the wine world and when Steve says you are going to try this wine, by golly- you try that wine.

As he poured the wine for me he explained he partnered up with Oscar Renteria on the “Naughty” Project and this was the “Racy”, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Zinfandel. The aromas of the freshly opened bottle were heady filling my senses with visions of black currants, blackberries, black cherries and light spicy sensations in my nose.

Needless to say my opinion of this wine was changing from dread of a cute baby label to that of anticipation and eagerness to taste it! upon the lips, a light tingle from the tannic structure was apparent and the the tsunami of flavor waved across my tongue! The explosion of dark black fruits entrenched every taste bud and crevice in my mouth as this wine crashed down taking control and demanding attention. those same fruits in the aroma were conspiring a hostile takeover of my mind when the zinfandel kicked in with lovely spices of white pepper, and the cab franc decided to through in a touch of oregano… leaving the cabernet sauvignon to hold the fruit in place.

This was a wine that demands to be savored, either over a lovely mean, or by a roaring fire with a loved one in your arms… If you’re planning a meal for this wine, might I make a few recommendations:

Lamb chops coated in cocoa/red pepper topped with feta cheese and cooked to the desired temperature served with a side of wasabi mashed potatoes, and garbanzo bean salad.

Now, this wine is even better when you discover that we have managed to get the price down a bit. It had been retailing at $35 a bottle, for the moment it is on sale at $26.99 per bottle. I do not expect to have this deal price for long, so click on the image or the hot link above and order a bit of this paradise for yourself!


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