Accessories: Wine Aerators

Venturi Aeration Principle

Venturi Aeration Principle

There are tons of “stuff” out there to buy if you’re a wine lover. I’ll never really understand buying the pretty decorative wine stoppers as I’ve no recollection of ever having any wine left in our house that required a stopper. If there was such a beast as left over wine for some freak incident one night long long ago we simply stuck the cork back in the bottle and cooked with it the next day most likely.

However, there are some things that are notable and worth thinking about using… especially if you find yourself as impatient as my better half when it comes to getting that first glass of wine and partaking in it’s joys. There are a tone of aerators on the market these days and some work really nicely- others are just a waste of money for most of us. I’m going to attempt to list three here and give you my honest opinion on each of them. One that I adore, one that I like, and one that I offended the importer of when they asked my opinion of it.

The first is the Vinturi Brand Aerator. It’s a funnel design and comes in a model for

Red Wine Vinturi

Red Wine Vinturi

red and another model for white wines. I like this aerator as it is simple to use and very functional. It does help open up red wines very nicely and takes the edge off a cheaply put together wine to soften it and make it more palatable. I have 2 issues with this style of aerator, 1) why pay for a white wine aerator, it isn’t going to do all that for most white wines, and 2) it’s bulky and a bit cumbersome to travel with. But, it does make a nice show with guests and certainly warrants it’s claims to improve wine. It’s price has ranged from about $40-$50 typically and is seldom found on discounts.

The second aerator I want to mention is one that I use at home and at the shop, the Menu Selection Pourer. This gadget fits right into the bottle as a pouring spout, and make sure you put it in nice and tight. You pour the wine through it , turning the bottle almost directly upside down to create a god amount of pressure pulling more air into the flow of the wine creating an increase in the aeration effect. The Menu Selection is a single piece construction, making for ease of cleaning under flowing tap water and is solid acrylic with a small stainless steel disk in it making it easy to throw into a purse, or bag to travel with. I’ve actually,

Menu Selection Aerating Pourer

Menu Selection Aerating Pourer

thought about keeping it in the glove compartment of the car with the bottle opener so I would always have it with me! The other beauty of this gem is the prive point, typically I see this aerator around $25, but have seen it as low as $20 and as high as $30 depending on the time of year and the market.

The last gadget is one I do not recommend, I was sent one to try out and asked for a review on the product. The importer of this product did not like my initial review and argued with me about my opinion when I gave it, they did not change my opinion. The Centellino Aereadivino is a gorgeous piece of Italian Glasswork, but it is fragile and cumbersome for most people to use. I used it many times over the course of a few weeks before I retired it to the shelf as a decorative feature. The concept is basically a bulbous decanter attached to the bottle’s top through a glass tube to “gurgle” air into your wine.  While there are a few people that like and use this device, most people I know have issues with it and I declined the offer to carry it in our shop, and the price point was $60+ at that point and time.

So in conclusion, there are some great values in aerators that are simple to use that do indeed help the flavors of our wines, but there are some that may under ideal use help- aren’t that simple for the average consumer and not worth the investment. Ask your local wine merchant for advice with input of how you want to use it for a recommendation. If all else fails, an old fashioned decanter and time works as well as it has always worked!



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