Pinot Noir by any other name…

Altadonna Pinot Nero

Altadonna Pinot Nero

There are several grapes that have wines under two or more names creating mass confusion for many. Typically, people have come to recognize that syrah and shiraz are the same grape; many even recognize mourvedre and monastrell as the same grape these days. But, Pinot Noir and Pinot Nero are seldom recognized as the same grape as two separate styles of wine.

Pinot Noir we are familiar with as “New World” as is common for the Oregonian Pinot Noirs and “Old World” as we classically find from France, often referred to as “Burgundian” with more earth and a bit lighter. When this same grape is grown up ion the hills of Northern Italy, the wine is often called Pinot Nero, and is a third distinct- and often forgotten style of the Pinot Noir Grape.

Just south of Milan, you’ll find a province called Pavia with a region therein named Lombardy. IN Lombardy you find generous rolling terrain  with deep rich soils full of calcerous marl perched about 150-600 feet above sea level. A cool breezy climate rich with moisture-  a perfect place for the pinot noir/pinot nero grape to grow happily.

In this setting the grapes grow with thinner skins than often found in other regions of the world yielding a bit less tannic acid to red wines than expected by many. As a result, we end up with Pinot Nero having a lighter flavor profile with a bouquet of raspberries, strawberries, and plums fills the nose. The acidity of the fruit is balanced by mineral and balsamic notes and hints of caramel and herbs. It is supple and elegant with a smooth, silky finish.

Like so many Italian wines, it yearns to be paired with foods such as saffron risotto, breaded veal cutlets, or any other soft herbaceous dish. However, unlike many of the other Italian Wines I have experienced, Pinot Nero is pretty darned good in front of the fireplace adding love in the glass while you hold the love of your life in the other arm.

This week, I was introduced to Altadonna Pinot Nero as a new product being made available to our shop. I was impressed with this delightful Italian and its character and secured a bit of it without hesitation. I am offering it at $11.99 through the end of February through our website. Come March and the Warm Spring Winds, the Altadonna Pinot Nero will return to it’s normal price of $14.99 .


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