Wine: Cuatro Pasos Mencia

Cuatro Pasos Mencia

Cuatro Pasos Mencia

Many customers come in looking a wine for dinner that is unique and new to their palate. I reach over and bring out the Mencia from Cuatro Pasos out of Spain and they often turn their nose up. You see, if you’ve only had wines from Rioja and southern Spain, you’ve experienced very good wines that are very distinct to that region. Often a lot more earthiness and mustiness than the American Palate will enjoy without effort and the perfect pairing.

However, if we head north and west, we stumble in the Duoro and Bierzo Regions of Spain where they’re at a bit more altitude and a bit cooler temperatures with soils that are stonier and not quite as heavy in their mineralogy. Cooler climates typically will result in less tannic acid and we fin our wine today to fit that catagory. Last Spring we had a rose from the Mencia Grape out of Bierzo, and soon found they had a red Mencia Wine from the same winery, Cuatro Pasos.

Mencia is a red grape that has it’s actual origins unknown, but grows rather nicely in Bierzo, Spain. When handled by a master craftsman this wine will show the weight of Pinot Noir on the tongue and the characteristics of Cabernet Franc on the palate. I often refer to it as the kissing cousin of Cabernet France.

Typically, the Cuatro Pasos Mencia pours with a brilliant ruby hue with the radiance of violet starburst throughout. The nose is filled with phenominal aromas of cassis, blackberry, and cherries. After taking time to indulge the nose, taking the first sip is nothing but paradise as an explosion of deep dehydrated fruit flavors evolve across your tongue. Those flavors are initiated with dark plums, deep black cherries, blackberries rehydrating in your mouth and lifted up ona  bed of light white pepper and casis as you swallow.

This is a perfect wine to sit by the fire and sip by itself, or paired against a rich hearty lamb stew it compliments the food with overtones of joy and sensuality. A great new grape at a wonderful price typicaly under $15 in retail establishment’s.



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