Don’t worry, I’m just here today to help you with your fear of wine! I’ve found over the years  that far too many people focus on wine as something too big for them to comprehend and therefore truly enjoy. By the same token, the ability for your heart to beat and you to breath at the same time is far more than most can comprehend, but we still manage to do it. So, my first rule to overcoming your fear of wine is to chill out and relax a little bit- and there’s nothing better to help with that than a great glass of wine!

Second, forget about all the rules and what your friend, the wine snob has indoctrinated you with. This is your bottle and your choice, if you like boone’s farm, go with it- if you like delectus, go with that. Most of us will be somewhere in between those extremes and that’s prefectly ok as well!

Third, the cost of the bottle does not correlate to the quality of the juice in the bottle. I can place a $20 bottle in your hand that tastes better than many $60-80 bottles, but are lesser known and not as in demand (supply and demand drive price point up with increased production and lower quality soon to follow as well).

Fourth, DO NOT shop by brand, or labels. Many brands have multiple labels at various price points and no one other than the wine guy at your local small mom & pop wine shop is going to be able to help you with that, unless you want to spend countless hours doing the research and leg work ket us do the work for you.

Fifth, know what you don’t like as much as what you do like- armed with that knowledge we can find you some new products that will broaden your horizons and help you bring something to the table the wine snobs in your life are not familiar with!

And finally, Be willing to accept your own opinions. It is your tongue and your nose and what you experience in wine is absolutely, unquestionably correct for you! Anyone that tells you otherwise is simply being an ass and doesn’t care about you and your preferences and they are the one who is wrong.

So, don’t fear the wine- sip it and enjoy!


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