Wine: Hanover Park’s Mourvedre

Hanover Park Mourvedre

Hanover Park Mourvedre

Hanover Park is a lovely winery that makes lovely wines in the Yadkin Valley of North Carolina. In my personal opinion, their use of Rhone Varietals being fermented in fairly classic Rhone Techniques is among the reason their wines are as formidable as they are in the marketplace. Their diligence in the vineyard and fermenting room carried=s over to their tasting room and definitely shows in the bottle.

Whereas often when I or others, visit a winery there is an ambience that ensnares one’s senses and we fall in love with a wine that we adopt and take home. Weeks, or months later when we open that bottle with dinner we’re left flummoxed as to why we thought that was a good wine. I have to tell you, Hanover Park’s Mourvedre never had that benefit for me. The first time I tasted this elixir, was as a judge in a wine making competition and I did not know where the wine came from.

Here’s what I recall from that competition, the tasting judge sitting to my left turned her dump/spit bucket on me.  And only one Wine from the state of North Carolina stood out (number b-236). That wine ended up being the Best of Show for that competition and was the Hanover Park Mourvedre.

Now, that began my love affair with this grand lady of the Yadkin Valley. Later I was asked to help pour at a charity wine show, I had the Hanover Park Mourvedre at my station and poured it describing it as a wonderfully light crisply acidic wine with overtones of bright red cherry and soft finish of enveloping cocoa. This wine consistently fits that description on my palate every year without fail. However, the wine maker was at this affair and asked I not describe the wine and let the public experience it for themselves. I gladly complied and when people insisted on a description, I simply told them that it was an orgasm in the mouth… and later simply smiled when a young lady returned to the table and asked the winemaker for the orgasm wine.


So in conclusion, if you want an East Coast Wine that’ll roll your eyes back and pairs well with anything from Thai to Lamb dishes, this is your ticket! Among a reasonably priced boutique winery with high quality products, Hanover Park’s Mourvedre is a gem to be cherished.



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