A winter’s Waltz

In a not so far away place a mystical dance began with molecules energizing themselves in an erotic waltz, posturing to electrify the atmosphere around them. Building into a crescendo of clouds high above the ground. As the molecule laden clouds rumbled against each other the sheer exchange of electrons zapped through the sky engulfing the night with intensity of light and the power it would unleash in the near future when the converge to descend upon the mountain accompanied by the brittle cold wind of the far north.

Slowly the fronts rose over the gentle slopes of antiquity which formed the Blue Ridge from the south, the West and the North with a great hierarchical order in mind. The low pressure slowly built moisture in the form of cloud cover, the raucous high pressure from the West weighed heavily over the low bringing those very clouds cascading over our graceful slopes to engulf the streets and roll through town preparing the scene for the old Northerly Winds to bring the moisture to a new form. A form of life that raises the wispy fog of a cloud into a heavy solid mass that can dance as lightly as the air, or when it so chooses to  lie in wait as slick as the crystal that calls itself ice.

Hence, our day wafts into evening with the elements of winter awaiting another opportunity to wrap us in their embrace. So starts another waltz of winter…with roaring fires and bold red wines embracing our minds and warming our souls as our spirits raise to enjoy the winter and the waltz that makes a house a home.



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