The blind date

Blind date

Blind date

Blind dates are an anomaly that I’m proud to say I have had the privilege of having friends care enough to set me up on for fear that I would die in solitude without anyone by my side. Or maybe, they just wanted to pawn their failed date-mates off on me. Either way, I choose to think they cared enough to help me open my mind and keep my heart pure by having me do something without prejudice and bias until the “date” came and went.

My favorite was a friend that “just knew” we would hit it off and live happily ever after. I should have listened for muffled laughter as we were talking over the telephone. When this blind date drove up, I was rather impressed by the tiny little sports car that I saw pulling up. I grew concerned when the car door opened and closed and I had yet to see this person. Four feet, nine and a half inches makes for a nice, cute garden gnome, but not really the mate of my dreams. I could hardly converse for fear of explosive laughter in the most inappropriate moments- like when there was an attempt at a goodnight kiss. Guess you surmised that there was no second date; although the follow up phone call with my friend who put me up to that date was rather riotous.

Now, Wines are like that these days. We have so many prejudices and biases for and against various grapes and blends. My favorite tastings are when a sample is poured and I’m asked, “What do you think of that?” No information on the label, grape, blend, wine maker, region, price, or anything else…just a pour and a prompt to try the wine.

I’m rather proud to announce, I have a second date with more wines than I ever did with people. Seems that wines have a better vibe for my personality, or maybe I’m just in love with the adventure of the next great grape that may come my way. Every week, I have the adventure of trying something new without knowing what I’m getting into. Sometimes I fall in love, sometimes I can’t stop laughing that they thought I could fall in love with what was in the bottle. But my odds continue to be better with grapes than people!

So, close your eyes and blind yourself to your prejudices of the wine world and try something new. While it may come up short, it may also start a lifelong love affair that you would never have had before.




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