Wine: Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon (2009)

Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon

Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon

OK, there are very few wines I feel a strong allegiance to, but when I find them I am all about them. Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon is one such wine, I recently was introduced to this wine in a tasting of their 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon just prior to the holidays and it totally blew my socks off along with several other garments. I basically overstocked with this product and sold out not only what I stocked, but the remainder of the product in my supplier’s warehouse. This week, I was replenished on the Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon- with the 2009 vintage. Needless to say I was initially heartbroken, where was the 2007, or even the 2008 (2008 that overall has proven to be a stronger contender than the 2007 Napa Cabernet Sauvignons in my opinion). But, the current release is 2009 and that’s what I have in my hands, so a wry smile crossed my lips as I realized I needed to try it out!

The label remains simple and understated, good marketing for a high class wine! I peel the foil back and pull the cork. The cork is high quality, well grained natural cork with nice density and firmness showing no signs of mold, or abuse. A nice start! The aromas erupt out of the bottle and execute a frontal assault upon the senses creating visions of dancing dark fruit, and spice in my head.

As this elixir escapes the bottle and is unfurled in my Riedel Magnum Glass the deep ruby-crimson hues cast shadows of flavors to come as the aromatics continue to capture the imagination. Swirling the 2009 Shypoke Cabernet Suavignon proves to that this wine can really dance, making the foreplay of wine tasting all the more invigorating and creating anticipation of just what this wine is going to do once it reaches my lips!

As my lips reach for the lip of the glass, the vixen elixir held within extends a velvet glove and caresses my tongue with nothing short of sheer velvet saturated in cassis, blackberry, and black cherries creating a caressing envelop that massages the palette. On the crest of the tongue there is an pure, clean explosion of brilliant deep spice that does nothing short of elevating the fruit to a new level just short of creating life itself and makes my head shift sharply to the left; as I finish this taste, the sensation of cocoa and cassis perfectly embedded caresses the mouth again with a warm sensation that certainly leaves my face slightly flushed. And then I exhale with pure pleasure.

Did I mention, I find Shypoke Cabernet Sauvignon somewhat of an erotic wine? I am one lucky man to have discovered this wine; and if I might say I am also one generous man to offer to share it with others!


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