Sipping for fairness

He sat in a sparsely furnished room- waiting. Nervous as the moment he had first met the love of his life, he sat in the waiting room- waiting. He was not allowed into the room where his love lay fighting for life- he was waiting. The life they had lived together for so many  years was in the delicate balance of the life precariously perched in the room on the other side of the hospital wall, and he wasn’t allowed to be there to offer solitude, comfort and the love they had shared all those years- he was forced to wait.

There were memories rushing through his mind of dinners, wine, laughter, and tears- and he could only wait. The fears, hopes and dreams they had shared, built, and worked towards wore heavy on his mind- and he had to wait. In the last moments of his true love’s life he was forced- to wait. In those last moments he had no way to inflict the will of their love and share the tears of mourning with his love- he had to wait.

We are in a moment in time when we cannot afford to wait any longer. We are in a moment in time when waiting will result in the basic right of one person to love another is on the precipice of being resolved illegal. We cannot wait, we must act. We shall be defined in how we act in times such as these. Will we be defined as callous bigots who refuse the basic right of the human desire to love and be loved; to protect those we love; and seek the freedom to be the creation that god made us into? Or, shall this this defining moment reveal a brighter, more civilized society?

In North Carolina, we as citizens have been asked to take that stand on May 8, 2012. We are asked to vote if our neighbors that do not fit perfectly into a mold be classified as not worthy of the same rights as those who conform to that small mold. We have an obligation to help educate others as to what this means not only to a small minority of citizens in our state, but how this vote will define us as a people.

There will be a fund raiser to assist in the effort to inform the voters of our state on the afternoon of March 24, 2012.  If you’re in town, stop by Christopher’s Wine and Cheese and participate in our tasting that day and we’ll send the proceeds to help educate the voter and get them to the polls to defeat Legislative discrimination against families in North Carolina.


1 Response to “Sipping for fairness”

  1. March 11, 2012 at 4:02 am

    No one should be denied a chance to show or share love, in the bold beginning, the marvelous middle or the emotional end of a relationship or a lifetime. Thank you for all that you’re doing to open the minds and hearts of others.

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