Celebration of the season, Holiday, and Life…

I awoke this morning to the dawning of a new season, winter with snow gently cascading over the rolling mountainsides of Western North Carolina accompanied by a frigid wind. Thoughts of celebrating life and living came to mind as I was snuggled between the covers of my bed. As the dog reminded me that she wanted to celebrate with a bowl of food, I managed to slip out into the cooler air of the room and stretch feeling every joint in my body snap, crackle, and pop.

Upon that moment, I knew they Mayan Calendar was nothing more than a colander of numbers and concepts that held no more validity than the mass cult predictions of years gone by. I knew the seasons of the year were holding true as ever. I knew I had a destiny to fill.

For those who feel they missed their apocalypse,  I offer you the opportunity to come by Christopher’s Wine and Cheese this weekend and find the perfect elixir to dilute your sorrows and tears; for the rest of us, I offer you the opportunity to come by and find the perfect nectar of celebration to help make your celebrations of life more vibrant and festive.

All in all, as we move into this year’s holiday season I encourage you to raise your glasses and toast the celebration of the life we cherish and make every moment count. Thank you for being a part of our business and our life; as we move into a new era and new year we look forward to celebrating with our friends of the past and making new friends for the future!


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