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The Big Announcement:

Change often brings about an element of both excitement and fear. However, change remains a constant element of life that defines who we become. Many of you are familiar with the Noble House Foundation since we began working with it over a year ago and how Noble House supports the change many American Soldiers have experienced through the wounds of combat. Your encouragement and contributions have made it possible for Noble House Foundation to grow into a force to make a positive change as these American Heroes rehabilitate themselves and transition back into the mainstream of American Life.

Today, Scott and I are making a change and commitment to Noble House, and the lives of these wonderful men and women. Part of that commitment means that we must commit to a change for Christopher’s Wine & Cheese. As Noble House has grown we have labored over how to balance the experience of our customers in the shop and the soldiers we serve through Noble House. Hence, we have sought the right person to operate Christopher’s Wine and Cheese to assure our customers get the best service as possible.

As though written in the stars, Sharon Crisman asked about acquiring the wine shop while tasting trough one of our wine flights. As a customer, she appreciates what we have developed as an experience in the shop and shares our love of wine, cheese, and the service we strive to provide people. We continued that conversation until this morning; when Sharon became the new owner of Christopher’s Wine & Cheese.

We appreciate the love and support of every customer and friend we have made over the years and find solace that such a wonderful person as Sharon will experience the same fantastic support from all of you. We will be working with Sharon over the next month as we move into a more extensive role with the Noble House Foundation and hope to see everyone again to introduce you to Sharon personally and enrich the family of wine lovers through sharing a glass one more time.

We hope you will come see us, support Christopher’s Wine & Cheese, Sharon and Noble House Foundation for years to come. Until we see each other again, we raise our glasses and toast you for being a wonderful part of a wonderful experience and supporting a wonderful opportunity for all these positive changes!


Moffett Reserve Cabernet Savignon Close Out – Was $80 – Reduced to $39

Image Moffett 2007 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is one of those wines sought by the
discerning collector. With rich tannic structure, well balanced acidity and robust
character; this is a wine built to last decades. The wine maker himself, Trent Moffett
describes this wine best of all:

“Aromas of boysenberries and blackberries fly out of the glass as you pour the wine.
After further evaluation, you start to notice the different layers of spice and well
integrated oak. On the palate, this is a big, rich wine with tremendous fruit. The balance
of tannins and acidity are near perfect for great aging, but also allows you the ability to
enjoy only minutes after opening. The fruit is seamless from start to finish.”

As with everything, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is the Moffett
family has decided to discontinue the Moffett Label in its entirety to concentrate on a
few new projects at the winery. The good news is this wine which typically retails around
$80 is now made available to you at $40! This product is available for a very limited
time and in very limited quantities.

We will only offer this deal price on this collectable
product through the end of this week with sales on
ceasing at Midnight Thursday, July 5, 2012 or if we sell out before then.


Another debate on corks vs screw caps – where do you stand?

I’ve always been more on the side that screw caps are probably better as far as consistently sealing up the wine – but that tableside service with a cork was always going to have a bit more flair over the screw cap.

One of the best marketing gimmicks I ever saw was a winery (I can’t remember the name now) that was switching over to screw caps – but tied a cork to the top of the bottle with a note “For those of you who have to have a cork with your wine” – you can imagine which bottle out of hundreds on the shelf stood out the most and it was humorous as well.

French winelovers fight to cork their bottles – Telegraph

Debate has been raging for years over whether the familiar sound of popping corks should be ditched in favour of alternatives that reduce the risk of a “corked” wine.

Cork stoppers have been used for centuries, but their dominance has gradually dropped from 95 per cent of the world wine bottle market to 70 per cent over the past 15 years.

But France’s cork federation has hit back at those who say the spongy bark has had its day with a poll suggesting that almost nine out of ten French people prefer the traditional stopper.

They are using the figure to spearhead a massive poster campaign featuring wine and champagne bottles with bizarre alternative stoppers – from a perfume spray top to a plastic duck – with the slogan: “Always imitated, never equalled”

So what’s your preference?  And why?


Wine flights for Shriner’s Fundraiser all weekend

We’re very pleased to be doing another fundraiser for the Shriner’s organization this weekend while they’re having their summer conference here in town.  We’re pouring a flight of 3 reds and 3 whites for $9, the profit as well as 10% of the weekend’s sales will be donated to the Shriners, so stop in, sip a little while doing some good for others and talk to a few of these people about the different ways that they support this nation’s children’s health, regardless of their ability to pay.


Vida Organica Sparkling Chardonnay – from the wine virgin

Vida Organica Sparkling Chardonnay was the very first wine I reviewed at my first tasting that I attended when I became an intern. I looked back at my blog posting and it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come. I was able to pick out much more flavors this time.

There were bright flavors of pear, apple, and a bit of honey in the smell. The taste was similar, but a bit muted by the carbonation. It was very light and went very nicely with cheese, which was expected with a sparkling wine. The taste was yeasty as most sparkling wines tend to be with me; however, it was still fruit-driven. It definitely smelled more like a chardonnay than it tasted. But overall, it was much more enjoyable this time around.


Frey Cabernet Sauvignon – from the wine virgin

The first wine of the evening was a still wine opposed to a sparkling wine. This wine was said to not be very clay and murky tasting, so it was first so the palette could be cleansed later. However, I thought that Frey Cabernet Sauvignon was quite an interesting and tasty wine.

It was made with clay, so the clay taste and smell was evident; however, I did not think it was as pronounced as I was expecting. The taste and smell was almost like a battle of grape, blackberry, and a hint of mud. The taste definitely didn’t seem as in-your-face as the smell, and it was actually a very smooth wine. It was smooth even in spite of the surprising sediment at the bottom of my glass when I was finished!


organic wine tasting – from the wine virgin

This past week was unfortunately possibly my last wine tasting at the shop as an intern. It was definitely a nice ending and was really fun because I was able to revisit some of the wines I have had in the past. I was very surprised to find sediment in the bottom of my glass when I finished the first wine. I knew the theme was organic wines – but was not expecting this.

The evening was really fun and let me forget about finals for a while. I definitely plan to come back on Fridays to attend future tastings when I am able to. Look back this week to see what wines we tasted!

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