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The Big Announcement:

Change often brings about an element of both excitement and fear. However, change remains a constant element of life that defines who we become. Many of you are familiar with the Noble House Foundation since we began working with it over a year ago and how Noble House supports the change many American Soldiers have experienced through the wounds of combat. Your encouragement and contributions have made it possible for Noble House Foundation to grow into a force to make a positive change as these American Heroes rehabilitate themselves and transition back into the mainstream of American Life.

Today, Scott and I are making a change and commitment to Noble House, and the lives of these wonderful men and women. Part of that commitment means that we must commit to a change for Christopher’s Wine & Cheese. As Noble House has grown we have labored over how to balance the experience of our customers in the shop and the soldiers we serve through Noble House. Hence, we have sought the right person to operate Christopher’s Wine and Cheese to assure our customers get the best service as possible.

As though written in the stars, Sharon Crisman asked about acquiring the wine shop while tasting trough one of our wine flights. As a customer, she appreciates what we have developed as an experience in the shop and shares our love of wine, cheese, and the service we strive to provide people. We continued that conversation until this morning; when Sharon became the new owner of Christopher’s Wine & Cheese.

We appreciate the love and support of every customer and friend we have made over the years and find solace that such a wonderful person as Sharon will experience the same fantastic support from all of you. We will be working with Sharon over the next month as we move into a more extensive role with the Noble House Foundation and hope to see everyone again to introduce you to Sharon personally and enrich the family of wine lovers through sharing a glass one more time.

We hope you will come see us, support Christopher’s Wine & Cheese, Sharon and Noble House Foundation for years to come. Until we see each other again, we raise our glasses and toast you for being a wonderful part of a wonderful experience and supporting a wonderful opportunity for all these positive changes!


Seminar: Bon Appetite!

The gentle slopes of the North Carolina Mountains are about to be flooded with thousands upon thousands of people from around the globe again. Every year about this time, we are inundated by the world as our hillsides put on a display of color second to none. The hues of yellow, orange, red, and green are always certain to dazzle even those of us with absolutely zero artistic ability. The Blue Ridge Parkway will be bumper to bumper with drivers who will discover the beauty of the mountains and at the same time realize just how bad their driving abilities are.

As we celebrate the fall and this season of change, we also begin to look forward to a season when friends and family will celebrate the holidays. We invite you to participate this Wednesday in a program to help keep those gatherings simple and elegant as we pair wines against appetizers that are quick, easy, and wonderfully soothing. Now, just as you expect to know which family members are coming to your gathering, so do we; please make reservations at 828-414-9111 (or at  in order that we will know how many people to prepare for the evening of 03 October 2012: 6pm.

We look forward to seeing you then!


Private Wine and Chocolate Tasting!

Wine and Chocolate Pairing!

Wine and Chocolate Pairing!

Over the last month I’ve mentioned to many people of changes and new products we’re anticipating bringing into the shop to give you a greater experience on your culinary and oenological quests through life. I am thrilled beyond words to announce that Brix Chocolates are available for you to experience through Christopher’s Wine and Cheese as of this morning!

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Even more exciting, we are planning a private tasting event on Wednesday, 11 July 1012 at 6:30 in the evening featuring the pairing of six wines with these wonderful chocolates designed to blend with wine and dance across your tongue! The cost of this program is $20.00 per person, and reservations are required either through our shop (828-414-9111), or through our website (by clicking here). This private tasting is being restricted to 12 people to allow for a more personal experience, so get your reservations today!

More information on the Brix Chocolate products:

From its roots in the ancient civilizations of South America to its evolution as a European luxury good, chocolate has been with man for centuries. More recently however, chocolate has evolved into a gourmet pleasure. Single origin bean sources and exotic inclusions have moved chocolate out of the candy aisle into mainstream and high-end retail and the oft-described health benefits of dark chocolate both on blood lipids and blood pressure have created a surge in demand for these complex treats.

Fine dark chocolate, like fine red wine, should be approached methodically. First, the palate must be cleared; a tepid glass of water will usually suffice. This will allow one to taste subtleties that may otherwise have been masked. Next, break off a piece large enough to coat the entire mouth – about two sugar cubes worth will do – and always taste at room temperature as cold will dull taste senses. When the chocolate is fractured it should snap away from the bar – indicating the quality of both the product and the manufacturing process. Also note the broken surface of the bar. It should have a very fine granularity while the bar itself should show color hints of brown and orange. Smell the chocolate to find any hidden aromas. Now let the chocolate reach body temperature in your mouth. It should spread smoothly and evenly and without a hint of graininess. Once you’ve enjoyed this bite, make a mental note as to how long the tastes linger.

Finally, you’ll note that while Brix does list the “% cocoa” on the label, high percentage products many times represent a high content of a poor quality cocoa. Buying dark chocolate by virtue of its cocoa content is tantamount to buying wine for its alcohol content. It’s really the taste that reflects the quality of the product. Please trust your palate and avoid the “higher is better” scam.


Ginger – Brie Cups: The most simple recipe ever

This time of the year, we’re all looking quick and simple finger foods to have at a party, or take over to the family gathering. If your family is like mine, there’s probably plenty of reason to have some wine around so the recipe has got to pair with the cheapest, or finest of wines on the market! These simple Ginger Brie Cups are perfect for just about any occasion and as all of our favorite recipes, they pair wonderfully with the nectar of life -wine!



1 package of pre-cooked tartlet shells

1 small package of brie (plain chevre may be substituted if desired) withe the rind removed and placed in the corner of a plastic storage bag.

1 jar of ginger jelly or preserves as preferred.


Heat your oven to 350-400 degrees F.

Allow the brie or chevre to come to room temperature and snip the corner of the plastic storage bag to form a pastry piping bag.

Pipe the cheese into the tartlet shells to a near full point.

Spoon the Ginger preserves, or jelly on top of the brie.

Bake for 5-10 minutes till the cheese and preserves melt.

Serve and enjoy!


Coturri Wine Tasting with the Vintner Himself!

Coturri logo

Meeting Tony Coturri was an experience that I will never forget and that I’m glad I had the opportunity sit down, try his wine, and talk with him.  I did not expect to see Mr. Coturri walk in dressed in blue jeans and a grey beard that made him look like he was playing with ZZ Top.   Expecting my worst fears that he would be a little bit shell shocked and possibly a bit snobby to see me, an amateur, at a private tasting of his wines; but he was nothing of the sort, he was as courteous, receptive, and fascinated to see what a beginning wine drinker would think of his wines.  Needless to say he got what he was expecting, being that I loved his wine and got to talk to him and tell him what I thought about his wines.  Mr. Coturri does his wine much differently than many other wine makers in that all the grapes he uses for his wines are grown biodynamic and organic, using no pesticides to combat pests and disease.  Also, he doesn’t use cultured yeasts meaning that, whatever natural yeast is on the grapes is what is going to ferment the wine.  Wanting his wine to reflect the way that it has been produced for 2000 years, it is unfiltered and no sulfites are added at any point.   We tasted six wines; 2009 North Coast Rose Wine, 2006 Jewell Vineyards Sonoma Pinot Noir, 2007 North Coast Albarello Red Wine, 2007 Bollens Vineyard Mendocino Cabernet Sauvignon, Frieberg Vineyard Zinfandel, and a 2007 Petite Syrah.  All of the wines were outstanding in each their own way and a very unique and rewarding experience for me to be able to taste these unique wines along with the company of the vintner that made these wines.


Greens, eggs, and ham cooking demo – fri apr 9 @ 5:30

Easter Sunday is over and all of our family functions have past. However, one thing that may still be lingering about is all the leftovers. But who’s complaining? If you love the leftovers or didn’t have a chance to get some delicious, home-made Easter treats, you should definitely come by for quite a feast for our Friday cooking class. We will be sampling some traditional Easter favorites, such as ham and deviled eggs. Of course, the food will be paired with some exquisite wines to bring out flavor and for your learning experience.

Advanced reservations are always suggested – $20 advance purchase through our website or $25 at the door on a space available basis. Please call 828-414-9111 (toll free at 866-713-9437 for our out of town guests)

Wines of south america tasting – fri apr 2 @ 5:30

Come join us for an evening with some of the most exquisite new world wines. South America is home to some of the most interesting and distinctive wines. Some of the wines we’ll enjoy will have quite a kick, as most will be from the Chile and Argentina regions. South America is able to create exquisite new world wines with old world character – quite an intriguing combination.

Advanced reservations are always suggested – $15 advance purchase through the website or $20 at the door on a space available basis. $9 for students. Please call 828-414-9111 (toll free at 866-713-9437 for our out of town guests)

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