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Finally found a wine rack that “fits”

Over the course of my adult life, I’ve lived in places that had plenty of storage – and during the thriftier years, places that had almost none.  One of the problems of trying to keep more than a bottle or two of the current favorite vino on hand has been the amount of space that the various wine racks take up.  If you’ve got enough room to give up the floorspace (or even more precious – the countertop) then there are plenty of choices out there in every budget imaginable.

But when you don’t, it’s pretty tough not to use the only space you can give up – on top of the refrigerator (I just shudder to think what the temperature swings and vibrations were doing) – for years I never could find something that would work better – until now.

Called a Wine Tube, it’s one of those “slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t think of it first” simple concepts that fit in so many different ways.  A satin polished metal tube with holes along the sides allows you to mount this right up against the wall – it holds 12 bottles, you can turn the lables to where they’re easily seen and it’s artistic in it’s own right.  But best of all, it takes up no more room on your wall than any pictures you’d hang.

We mounted it to the end of our tasting bar using the screws provided – if you want to put it on a wall and the location you’ve picked out won’t have the screws going directly into a stud then talk to the company about getting the toggle bolt option instead – just to support the weight properly.

You can get them from Wine-Wall who I found a pleasure to work with and very responsive to my emails when I had questions.


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