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Wine: Burly Cabernet Sauvignon



I have always encouraged our patrons to not become cultic over a label, but to follow the footsteps of their favorite winemaker. For there are a multitude of good wine makers, but there are also those few great winemakers. Massimo Monticello is among those few I classify as a great winemaker. Massimo spent those early formative years in his winemaking career at the Silver Oak Winery, back when they were still producing a good product. He now works with Hank McCrorie at Burly making what is no doubt among the greatest collectable Cabernet Sauvignons for the money in Napa Valley.

Hank and Massimo collaborate with Michael Wolf from bud break through harvest evaluating the fruit and planning the strategy to make the finest wine possible. I have had the opportunity to experience their 2008 Burly a few times now and I’ve got to tell you it is in a single word “AMAZING!”

The first time I recall trying it was in a warehouse where I tried a vertical of Burly (2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008) and I still get goose bumps thinking about that tasting experience. There was nothing less than stellar on the table that Sunday Afternoon, the 2008 was a bit “green” in its profile at that moment, but showed a ton of depth and lush richness. A year or so later, I had the opportunity to try it again in a vertical at another trade show and it had come to life and started working it’s self in the bottle with huge fruit, dynamic tannic structure, and brilliant spice development. Flash forward to now and I can tell you, this wine has managed to evolve from its infant state and puberty into one sexy, orgasm riddle wine that will roll your eyes back into your head and make you cry out for your maker!

The terms “firm”, “dense”, and “chewy” have been used to describe the 2008 Burly, and they are accurate with no apologies. The aromatics are textbook with cassis, blackberry, a hint of graphite and loaminess. Caressing your lips that firmness wraps around your tongue with bright dark fruits exploding through the mid palate riding on a soft bed of spice and anise. The finish is a rich and luxurious caress of brilliant focused black currents and light pepper that lingers enhancing the desire for another sip… just as soon as you can catch your breath.

Now, here’s the cruel moment- the 2008 Burly is not released at the moment. It will not be available until January. However, you can pre-order it now and the moment it is released have it shipped to your front door! I suspect this is your best plan as 2008, like 2007 will most certainly be highly sought after and in short supply after the first week of its release.

If you click over to our web-store, be certain to note you want to 2008 upon release in the notes at checkout. The 2007 is no longer available, and limited quantities of 2006 are still in stock.





From time to time small wine shops stumble into values that escape the mainstream. Here at Christopher’s Wine & Cheese we have been very fortunate to have several of these discoveries come to us through the careful presentation of representatives guiding us through the maze of wines from around the world.

We have been afforded one such offer again… we have obtained two (count them 2) verticals from Hank McCrorie of his 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 Burly Cabernet Sauvignon Vintages. The only requirement being that these verticals must be sold as a single unit.

Christopher has always maintained that Burly is the NAPA Cabernet to have above most any other. For those who think they like the Silver Oak NAPA Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s only because they have never tried Hank McCrorie’s Burly…and here is the premier way to try it… four vintages together in one nice, convenient, tidy package!

This is truly a rare opportunity for those fans of NAPA Cabernets as the 2004 and 2005 vintages of Burly are totally sold out except for these few verticals that Hank has entrusted to us until the find a new, happy home.  Because of the rarity of this opportunity, they are only available through our shop being announced to you through our blog, facebook and twitter posts to order. If you are interested in ordering, call Christopher directly at 828-414-9111 between 12:00 – 6:00pm, Eastern Time.

In case you are on the fence, I’m also going to entice you with some notes of each of the wines below as well….

2004: Gracefully rich, smooth and concentrated with aromas of lush blueberry and cassis, the fruit core is wrapped in complex vanilla, coffee, caramel, tobacco and spice box nuances. The pure, dense fruit is accented with pretty violet, anise and toasty oak notes while the supple, sweet tannins endow the wine with voluptuous texture, all finishing in a long alluring aftertaste. Beautiful now, will age well through the decade.

Best from 2008-2014.

2005: Intense, concentrated and rich with aromas of lush raspberry and cassis, the opulent fruit is accented in complex mocha, mint, white pepper, anise and loamy earth nuances. In the mouth the pure, dense fruit is shaded with jasmine flower and toasty oak notes while ripe, fine grained tannins endow the wine with voluptuous texture, all finishing in a long alluring aftertaste. Beautiful now, will age well through the decade.

Best enjoyed from 2009 – 2015.

2006: Shows complex aromas of ripe plum, currant and black cherry, with fresh-cut herb, mineral and cedary oak.  Full-bodied and firm on the finish, with a peppery, claylike edge to the tannins.

Best from 2009 through 2016.

2007: A huge wine developing complexities of rich black fruits lain upon a velvet blanket of cocoa. The mild oak massage upon one’s tongue explodes into spice and charisma waking the palate for a seductive finish that does not disappoint!

Best from 2010 through 2018.


Friday: Premium Wine Tasting!

When we hear the term premium, we tend to think exceptional quality and vitality. Premium Wines should always fit that bill as they should be juice sourced from the best vineyards into the hands of the best wine makers to execute an art form that transcends science. Premium Wines should dance on the tongue and cause your eyes to roll around din the back of your head doing the “happy dance”.

This Friday,  the Carolina Wine Academy is proud to present a dynamic flight of premium wines at Christopher’s Wine and Cheese. The anticipated flight menu at this time includes Tyrus Evan’s Syrah, Robert Craig’s Chardonnay, Rubicon’s Cabernet Franc,  Hank McCrorie’s Burly Cabernet Sauvignon, Long Shadow’s “Pedestal”, Livingston Moffett’s “Gemtree” and Gilliard’s Fendant “les Murettess”.

Quite an impressive lot of wine, but it can only be fully enjoyed when surrounded by friends and laughter. We hope you can come out and let us entice your taste buds and share  the bounty of this premium wine tasting with you.

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