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Sur de Los Andes Red LBL Malbec – Wine Virgin


I’ve done a review on another Sur de Los Andes Malbec, and the Red is different because it has been aged in two different oak barrels.  This gives it another level of boldness and complexity.  The Red is very dark and has a tannic sugary aroma.

The first sip was bliss.  It hits your tongue with a dark berry spice and rolls to the back of your tongue leaving warmth behind.  This is the boldest Malbec that I have tried and it was great.


Sur de Los Andes White LBL Malbec – Wine Virgin

malbecThis Sur de Los Andes Malbec is one of the two Malbecs that I have tried by this label.  This bottle was the white label.  From what I have been told, the only difference between the two is that this bottle was aged in a steel barrel.

It has a deep red color with an upfront earthy aroma along with lots of fruit.  This Malbec has a lot upfront.  It hits with a deep spicy berry and tapers off leaving just a light spice in the back of the throat.  I enjoyed the complexity of this Sur de Los Andes.  It was very enjoyable and went great with cheese and salsa!


Ichanka Malbec – The Wine Virgin

ichankaThe Ichanka Malbec is what I would consider a fairly standard Malbec.  It was earthy and spicy with a nice acidity.  The front of your tongue gets hit with a mixed berry and is followed by warmth that smoothes out.  This is a full body red wine with a tart bite and great finish.  This Malbec was a real treat.  I can’t wait to have this wine again.


Don Rodolfo Malbec – The Wine Virgin

The Don Rodolfo Malbec is a big red with a lot going on.  It has a lot of upfront peppery spice, but is surprisingly smooth.  This wine has lactic acid in it and is very smooth and soft.  When you sip this wine, it hits the front of the tongue with a dark fruit spice and smooths out.  It has great balance and is a wonderful Malbec.

Don Rodolfo


Zuccardi Malbec – The Wine Virgin

zuccardiThe Zuccardi Malbec is robust.  The very dark fruit aroma is intense.  With the first sip you taste a creamy cherry and blue berry.  In the middle of your palate a spice comes out and leaves a great finish.  The Zuccardi is great from sip to finish.  It has great fruit and spice with great complexity and balance.  Not much more you could ask for in a wine.


A blind tasting of Malbec Wines

Malbec has risen in popularity as a wine through the past several years to the point that everyone is hypnotized by it’s rich glamor and intrigued by it’s quiet mystery.


Malbec is a french varietal that most commonly is associated with Argentina’s wine industry. We will try several Malbec Wines in a blind tasting Friday Night at Christopher’s Wine & Cheese. There will be soft supple Malbec, rich eep luscious Malbec and even a French Malbec for you to sample your way thourgh. Come cherish the joys of the grape and explore how the different Malbecs feel and taste in your mouth!




Hot wines for hot summer nights!

Here in the high mountains of North Carolina, our summertime temperatures typically remain balmy below 80 degrees with little humidity. This year we have ruptured that 80 degree mark far more than I want to think about, but luckily we have a little secret to keeping ourselves cool and relaxed here at Christopher’s Wine & Cheese; we know the wines that work with the heat and don’t break the budget!

This Friday we’re proposing that you come join us and try a few of these wines with us and make some new friends at the same time. We’re going to try Rosé the way Rosé was intended to be done; lots of flavor with a crisp, clean DRY finish!!!! The pure joy of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand with the explosion of citrus fruits predominated by pink grapefruit will be a sure hit on any hot summer’s night.  A lightly chilled valdiguie will present add a splash of red to your sunset tastings as well with a bounty of dark fruit flavors with just enough spice to keep the color in your cheeks for that poolside party.

We’ll be pouring more wines, but these three should offer you thoughts of relief  as the temperature rises today … and hopefully arouse the desire to accept our proposal to come spend one hot summer’s evening with us as we indulge in our desires of relief through wine to break the sweat of summer!

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