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Organic wine tasting – fri apr 30 @ 5:30

At its most basic level, organic wine is made from grapes that have been grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. At Christopher’s Wine & Cheese, we have one of the best selections of organic wines, red and white. While most people may think that organic wines taste of clay, you will quickly learn that this is not always the case, as many are quite delectable. Come join us this Friday for our Organic wine tasting!

Advanced reservations are always suggested – $15 advance purchase through our website or $20 at the door on a space available basis. Please call 828-414-9111 (toll free at 866-713-9437 for our out of town guests)


Hope Shiraz – from the wine virgin

The last wine of the evening was a shiraz by Hope. I really love shiraz or syrah wines at the moment. This particular shiraz was quite delicious. As expected, it had a jammy, blackberry smell and flavor. It was relatively smooth with a bit of pepper. The pepper was where this shiraz seemed to be a bit different.

I noticed that the pepper was spicy and sweet at the same time. I’ve described wines to be like this before in my blog, but with the Hope Shiraz, the contrast was more extreme in my opinion. It was almost as if there were two types of pepper in it – maybe three. It was like the spices changed as they went through the tasting of the palate. I really did enjoy this wine, but it just caught me off guard how the spices were so different. This also could have been a result of the southern fried chicken sushi! But nevertheless, it was a great wine on its own and even more interesting with food.


Tiamo Pinot Grigio – from the wine virgin

Tiamo Pinot Grigio was a fun white wine from the event. Pinot Grigio is one of the first wines I ever started drinking, even before I worked at the wine shop and didn’t know anything at all about wine – so it’s always fun to come back and revisit it. And also, the ones I am tasting now are much more tasty than the ones I was buying previously. This particular one was incredibly light and sweet.

Much like the Il Cuore Chardonnay, this wine had a bit of honey and musk in taste. It wasn’t quite as musky as the Chardonnay. I really liked the balance of honey/musk with the citrus. Sometimes I feel like the citrus flavors in white wines can make for an acidic wine that is hard to swallow, but this one was absolutely perfect. It had a bit of variety and complexity in flavor, but was still sweet and very drinkable.


X-Winery Cabernet Sauvignon – from the wine virgin

I was really excited for this wine. For one I’ve never had an X-Winery wine and I’ve always seen them in the shop, and I love Cabs. X-Winery Cabernet Sauvignon did not disappoint. The flavor was very deep and bold, like many cabs. It had the smell and flavor of a deep berry or plum, and of course, pepper and spice was very evident.

This particular cab was a tad different than most I have had in two ways. The tannic acids seemed to be vamped up a bit. It was still delicious because of all the flavors, and I appreciated how complex it was. Also, there was a bit of strong cocoa in the finishing which made for a fun and interesting end. I definitely liked this wine and am very eager to try some more from X-Winery.


Il Cuore Chardonnay – from the wine virgin

The Il Cuore Chardonnay was very interesting. With most chardonnays I have tasted, they have been very smooth, buttery, and fruity. This chardonnay still had some of these characteristics, but overall, it wasn’t as fruity as others. There was a bit of honey and musk in the scent and taste.

The sweetness was muted when the wine was by itself. However, when paired with the ham salad, the sweetness was brought out of the chardonnay. The musky flavor was still present in the finishing. I enjoy wines that have a honey taste, so this wine was very good to me. It was just intriguing to find that this chardonnay didn’t taste like most of the apple/pear flavored ones I have had previously. It shows me that I still have a lot of exploring to do.


napa cellars sauvignon blanc – from the wine virgin

I’ve had a few different wines from the Napa Cellars vineyard before and they have all been exquisite. The Napa Cellars Sauvignon Blanc was no different. It was smooth, just as I would have expected. The major scent and flavor was citrus. The wine was a mixture of sweet and dry, which is what I have noticed with sauvignon blanc, or at least in my opinion.

This wine was very intriguing when paired with the Eggs Rockefeller. It finished with a soury, spicy taste. The citrus was still there, but the finishing was quite different. I would say it enhanced it since the finishing without the food was kind of dull. A great wine on its own still.


Domaine De Chateaumar Cuvee Bastien – from the wine virgin

The first still wine of the night was a red called Domaine De Chateaumar Cuvee Bastien. The smell was a bit of a berry, not quite a dark berry like most red wines, and there was also a bit of an herbal scent. These flavors were mimicked in the taste. Overall, it was a very smooth wine.

It brought out the pepper and spices of the Eggs Rockefeller, the clam-filled deviled eggs. This was also reversed – the wine tasted spicier after having tasted the eggs. The pepper in the wine was not very powerful unless paired with the eggs. There was a small hint of cocoa in the smell and the finishing of the wine. Overall, it had a great balance but was still flavorful and complex – one of my favorites of the night!

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