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Close Out Special – Fourteen Appellations Meritage – $92.99

One ton of fruit from each of the 14 Napa Valley AVA’s sub-appelations – creates a robust, heavier mid-palate and should prove to be a crowd pleaser for sure.

It’s the sum of the parts: the parts are great, but the sum is even better. That’s the concept behind FOURTEEN, a blend of grapes from each AVA of the Napa Valley. We harvested approximately one ton of fruit from each of Napa’s 14 sub-appellations. The resulting blend is one of the most decadent and compelling wines you can own.

. Sale Price: $ 92.99
. List Price: $ 127.27
. Case Price: $ 557.94
. # of Cases: 6 (6 in case)

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Detailed Wine Information

Alcohol: 14.60%
Cases produced: 2019 6-Packs
Appellation: Napa Valley
Sub-Appellation: All Fourteen in Napa Valley
Release Date: February 22, 2008
Special Designation: Meritage
Varietal Notes: 60% Cab Sauv, 19% Merlot, 15% Petit Verdot, 4% Cab Franc, 2% Malbec
Cooperage: 98% French Oak, 2% American (34% New, 51% neutral, 15% stavin)
Year: 2005

Sake’ Wine Tasting Friday @ 5:30

Romance of the Orient – Sake

April 3, 2009; 5:30pm

One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted of all the wines, Sake is a delicate treat.

Premium sake from Japan has been steadily gaining its popularity among American consumers. The import value increased at an annual rate of 13-21% for the last several years. The future demand is expected to grow at a faster rate because of the recent media coverage including the New York Times, CNN and Wine Spectator as well as an increasing number of non-Japanese high-end restaurants offering premium sake on their menu.

We’ll only be show casing high quality sakes served chilled. The lower quality products with grain alcohol fortifications so many people associate with sake will be totally ignored that we can concentrate on products with actually flavors that will explode upon your tongue.

Lynn will also have samples of the rice grains to show how the various quality levels are achieved by the sake maker. Learning what the words ume-shu, Kuramoto and junmai mean and exploring the cultural influences behind this wonderful Oriental wine will only add to the experience.
We’ll be sampling sakes that are sparkling, those that are deep and robust in character, and sweet and delicate as well. Come and catch the romance of the orient as we endeavor to uncover the mysteries of Japan’s drink with the highest acclaim.

Come and catch the romance of the orient as we endeavor to uncover the mysteries of Japan’s drink with the highest acclaim.

$15 with reservations, $20 at door – $9 with Student ID

Bubbles – Sparkling Wine Tasting Friday @5:30

champagne at christmas

March 27, 2009; 5:30pm

All too often we associate carbonated wines with Champagne, France. This is all well and good, BUT there are fantastic sparkling wines from all over the world with a breadth of characters and flavors that go relatively unnoticed. This evening, we shall indeed start the evening off with a true Champagne, but will quickly check our passports as we globe trot around the world and compare the bubbles from Australia, Spain, California, and Argentina. This promises to be a wonderful exploratory session that will really highlight some of the more subtle nuances in wines that the effervescence will help bring out.

For those who think of bubbly as a tool of the romantic only, bring your own roses and sweethearts – we’ll provide the bubbly and light fare to get the evening jump started.

$15 with reservations, $20 at door – $9 with Student ID

Close Out Special – Capcanes, Petite Cabrida 2002

This Spanish Wine is perfect for Passover and Easter Celebrations as it is a great value,

Kosher, and a simply wonderful wine! The Capcanes Winery Coop was approached directly byEric Soloman to create this custom cuvee. The primary backbone of this cuvee is old vine Garnacha. As expected, it is very well structured with wonderful balance.

The wine presents to the eye with a gorgeous purple-violet that seems almost to glow from the bright clarity. The nose will celebrate as aromas of blueberry and cherry intermingle in a tango through the olfactory yielding only to the robust flavors of toasty dark fruits. It climaxes upon the crest of your tongue with a simple, yet well defined twirl of blackberries and nutmeg that linger into a fabulously long satisfying finish.

Sale Price: $ 22.99

List Price: $ 35.99
Case Price: $ 275.88
# of Cases: 6


Zinfandel Wine Tasting this Friday @5:30


March 20, 2009; 5:30pm

Zinfandel has the potential to be among the most diverse wines both in style and use. For those who have discovered some of the most classic Zinfandels, the curiosity factor is why the varietal is not more popular, and why Americans have not adopted it as our quintessential food wine. It has always remained in the shadows with a cultic following just lagging behind Cabernets, Merlots, and Pinot Noirs in popularity. For myself, it’s a sleeping giant waiting to be discovered by the masses.

In this program, we will explore several different styles of Zinfandel. We will showcase some of the “smaller” and “fruitier” styles that suite well as an aperitif by the fire and compare those to some more traditional “test-book” Zinfandel profiles and finish up with really big, zesty Zinfandels that will knock your socks off and make your eyes roll around in the back of your head!

$15 with reservations, $20 at the door – $9 with Student ID


Bleasdale Vineyards, Langhorne Crossing Red; 2006

The Potts family has maintained Australia’s 2nd oldest family vineyards for over 150 years. The Langhorne Crossing is alongside the Bremer River where frequent winter floods keep the alluvial soils fertile to produce a more lush wine than most any other area of Australia! The Langhorne Crossing Red consistently year after year score well with both Parker and Tanzer for good reason, it’s a great wine.

This wine has colors of dark ruby red with nice clarity. It presents itself to the nose with aromas of blackberries, plums and light smoke. The shiraz in the blend dominates with a strong presence of spice intermingled with bright fruits and dark berries. The light oak exposure of both American and French Oaks creates a nice balance of flavors, alongside the alcohol and tannic acid.

This wine pairs beautifully alongside a pomegranate glazed pork roast and Creamed potatoes with a hit of garlic and horse radish.

Sale Price: $ 9.95
List Price: $ 13.99
Case Price: $ 8.71/bottle
# of Cases: 9

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Don Rodolfo Torrontes; 2007 – Sale Until 3/20

Torrontes is to Argentina as Pinot Grigio is to Italy. This delightful wine is a translucent pale golden hue in color. When the cork is pulled, the aroma will fill the air with delicate floral hints of lavender and gardenia wafting through honeysuckle. Upon the lips the soft nature of the wine first appears with wonderful hints of balance and lightness. On the fore of the tongue, you will experience peaches and stone fruits ripening to the mid-palate with a creamy texture on the crest of the tongue followed by an exhilarating finish with hints of citrus that lightly lingers to tempt but another sip.

This wine, as may be expected will pair fabulously with pasta tossed in rich olive oil mixed with spring vegetables and olives.

Sale Price: $ 10.50
List Price: $ 11.99
Case Price: $ 9.19/bottle
# of Cases: 8

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